The elegance made wine
by the Antonioli family

For generations our family has been practicing wine-making with passion and competence, whilst also working in different professional fields, just as fascinating, from which it draws resources to invest in viticulture, which, for us, is both challenge and pleasure.

Our families from Padua and Abruzzo both really enjoyed Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and we have always been fascinated by Tuscany, its art, its territory, its viticulture.

Therefore in 1978 we purchased, in Pergo di Cortona, an ancient ecclesiastical property, registered in the first urban land registry of the city under the heading "Il Benefizio". Consisting an of a large building and a consecrated church, the property is surrounded by a lush garden and an olive grove. It was initially built by the Capuchin Friars around 1200 and finished in the year 1500, and subsequently, restructured and enlarged by private individuals, who in 1694 transformed it from a convent into a private house.

After years of research in Tuscany, we were then given the opportunity to buy an old 20-hectare farm in Petraia di Cortona, located on the hills opposite Cortona at 310 m above sea level, which was already used for viticulture and bordering properties owned by major wine producing families: the Antinori and the Ruffino.

Gradually we removed the old vines which were no longer productive, and just as gradually replanted four vines,

the Syrah black, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot black e Sangiovese grosso,

which are enlivened by the microclimate of the nearby Trasimeno lake, and enable the production of elegant and quality wines. In the following years we proceeded to cultivate a further 14 hectares, of which 10 are currently in production.

Because of its proximity to Lake Trasimeno (250 meters above sea level), which is 1 km away, and because of the proximity to the estates of ancient and well-known wine-making families, we decided to call our company "I Vicini" (the neighbours).

The Antonioli family